Healing Families During COVID-19

During the COVID 19 situation, Friday Harbour has experienced a decrease in our typical housing requests since patients traveling to Houston for treatment have declined.   M. D. Anderson has asked us to consider supporting families in other ways so for the next 45 days we are going to be supporting families that have a member who is hospitalized, and also supporting bone marrow patients who require 10-day treatments.    Our mission remains the same…to ease the burden of the cancer journey by providing free temporary lodging to patients and families.  

From April 30th – June 15th, Friday Harbour is teaming with Kids Meals to give our donors a way to continue supporting cancer patients and helping another local nonprofit organization in critical need due to the COVID 19 situation.  We have chosen Kids Meals to receive 50% of your donations to Friday Harbour.  This is Friday Harbour way of responding directly to COVID 19 and giving our donors a way to support two great organizations.

During this time, we are kicking off a 45-day fundraising campaign called “Healing Families during COVID 19.”   We have heard from many friends and family members looking for ways to “help our city” during this time.   Friday Harbour has a great solution!   

Here are some facts about the Kids’ Meals organization:   

  • Kids’ Meals’ seven delivery vans with staff drivers are going to the homes of hungry children in 43 zip codes every weekday within the greater Houston area. The food we deliver includes a healthy daily meal (water/milk/juice, fruit, snack, protein source) and 1-3 family grocery bags per week (as supplies permit).  


  • Poverty-stricken children are already living in a daily disaster, so when a significant event like the COVID19 pandemic strikes, they are unprepared and most vulnerable.

  • Kids’ Meals doors have not only remained open during this unprecedented crisis, feeding more than 6,900 children each weekday, we are also accepting hundreds of new applications weekly.

  • Kids’ Meals is tirelessly working with our collaborative partners like the Houston Food Bank, Kroger, HEB, Sprouts, and more to ensure the leveraging of every resource, continue food delivery and mobilize those able to serve a population in significant need. Additionally, Kids’ Meals has been able to help other nonprofit organizations such as Small Steps, YMCA’s, and Eyes on Me with food for their clients.

  • Leveraging daily relationships with more than 1,800 families to share critical information like COVID19 prevention, overall health/wellness, healthcare, mental health, education, abuse prevention, clothing, diapers, baby formula, job resources, healthy recipes and other food resources. 

  • Through family-focused social media channels, Kids’ Meals are also sharing a wealth of free educational resources, online activities like reading, virtual museum visits, and information from more than 43 partner organizations who are serving the same at-risk, low-income population. 

  • Within the first week of the COVID19 pandemic, Kids’ Meals mobilized with two of our education partners to distribute two rounds of Spanish and English books for children of all ages.

As you can see, 50% of your donation will have a domino effect by allowing Kids’ Meals to support other nonprofits in our city.   Please remember to submit your donation to your corporate matching programs so you can double your blessings. 

Why Your Donation Matters

“At MD Anderson Cancer Hospital my doctor had ordered an MRI of my brain. He came in with the results and had told me the chemotherapy I was on was no longer shrinking the mass and recommended 15 treatments of radiation. Which means my husband and I would have to be at MD Anderson every day. My first thought was how were we going to be able to make a 6-hour drive from San Antonio every day for 15 treatments? We both have jobs and driving really wears you out. The doctor had mentioned there was an organization that he would contact to see if they were able to help with places to stay. When I was discharged from the hospital I received a phone call from my doctor stating that Friday Harbour granted me multiple nights of hotel stay so that I could complete my radiation. It was such a weight lifted off my chest knowing that now I didn’t have to worry about finding a place to stay or driving almost 6 hours a day for treatments. In such a difficult time there are wonderful people out there to brighten others days!”

~ Meghan Miller