Healing Cancer One Night At A Time!

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Healing Cancer One Night At A Time!

Healing happens when you can retreat to a quiet, safe and comfortable place. One such place is a clean and inviting hotel room far enough from the care center, but close enough to feel connected. Ahhh…time to rest and retool for tomorrow.

Healing happens when a patient can rest knowing that their loved one is coiled up on the rubber/plastic mattress or the highly uncomfortable chair crammed in the corner of the “much too small” hospital room.

Healing happens when you know you have a friendly staff and welcoming bedroom waiting for you after enduring a long ass day of treatment and consultations, allowing you to put off the long drive home. A drive you’ve done many times…but in order to weigh the “next options”, you really don’t need to deal with the other drivers between you and home.

Healing sustains when a family facing their cancer journey, avoids the emotional and financial bankruptcy that cancer throws upon them without a moments notice.

Friends and family, FridayHarbour.org has partnered with Holiday Inn/NRG to ramp up the healing together.

Please spread the word and raise awareness of the burdens of the cancer journey including the high costs of lodging not covered by insurance or family budgets.

Become a “Friday Beacon” Donor by committing to $100 per month for 12 months…helping us to provide close to 2 nights of lodging per month for families.

Brian Hall – President/Founder

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