Harbours Around Houston

What is Harbours Around Houston?

Harbours around Houston is an intimate gathering of friends, family, and co-workers with the objective of connecting people to Friday Harbour’s mission of Healing Cancer One Night at a Time.  The event is fully customized to the host(s) with the intention of meeting them and their peers where they typically congregate (i.e. their homes, favorite restaurants, home golf course, etc.).  By meeting people “where they are”, Friday Harbour hopes to make connections with folks that fall into three vital categories:

  1. Do’ers: Those that wish to donate their time in a volunteer capacity.
  2. Donors: Those that wish to make a monetary donation and/or become a Beacon Donor.
  3. Door Openers: Those that know people that need to connect with Friday Harbour or that Friday Harbour needs to be connected to. 

If you wish to discuss hosting your own Harbours Around Houston gathering please contact Travis Bruns.


 Past Harbours Around Houston Events:

The home of Matthew & Hallie Ager

Friday Harbour at the Shane Smith and the Saints Concert