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Cancer Can’t

A tribute for Missy Davidson

Many of you know that Healing Cancer One Night At A Time is usually at its’ best when is providing free room nights for patients and families on their cancer journey in the Texas Medical Center. But usual and cancer don’t always mix. 

Earlier this week, we lost a dear friend. Hell, we lost a family member, as Missy Davidson lost her valiant fight with “NonHogkins Lymphoma”. 

Friend…because she took an instant liking to the Friday Harbour team and our mission of Healing. 

Family, because her son, Charlie was a true inspiration as he and his graduate school team helped lead a Rice University Capstone program that infused Friday Harbour with confidence, clarity and renewed commitment to our mission of impacting the families, friends and caregivers of those on their very own cancer journey. 

Missy never called upon the services of Friday Harbour, but she understood the importance of HELP, HEALING and HOME. As Missy navigated the path towards eternal life, she made it clear to her son Charlie, that the mission she had come to know and love through her son, was one that will and should be there for those yet to come into their own mission of healing during the cancer journey. 

Missy’s FIGHT, is our FIGHT. Missy’s HOPE, is our HOPE. Missy’s LEGACY, is our JOURNEY! Healing Cancer One Night At A Time. 

A mother fighting the good fight. 

A son inspiring others through education. 

A nonprofit delivering on its mission. 

All connected. 


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Clouds No Match for Efforts to Provide 400 Nights of Free Lodging For Cancer Patients!

A Houston area golf course embraced a full slate of players and a charity is infused with funding for 400 nights of free housing to help heal patients and families on their cancer journey during the 5th Annual Stache Sergeants Movember Golf Tourney benefiting Friday Harbour.

It all started nearly five years ago when the Stache Sergeants founder Milam Wentworth and his brother Cameron lost their father Michael to cancer. Mike sported the “best mustache” known to man, and Milam knew that the only way to truly honor his father was an event that somehow mixed golf with a competitive mustache display.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to help cement our father’s legacy by raising funds and helping people who need it the most. Those who are battling cancer and fighting for their lives,” said Milam. “I know that dad would have loved what the Stache Sergeants are doing, and as new parents, Daphne and I are proud to know that our daughter will grow up understanding that giving back to society has immense impact, it is a duty and a responsibility, but it can also be a lot of fun at the same time!” 

More than 160 golfers spent an enjoyable day of golf, macho mustache mayhem and raffles at the Cypresswood Golf Course. The extra touch of the annual competition and sold out course, honored a great father’s legacy.
“As board members of Friday Harbour, Milam, his wife Daphne and his brother Cameron are brilliant committee members who consistently use their passion, uncanny golf strategy and sense of humor to expand the awareness of our charity,” said Brian Hall, Founder of Friday Harbour.

In the end, a full day of golf and revelry brought together a united effort that raised enough to reach the goal of 400 nights of free housing for cancer patients and their families. Healing cancer one night at a time can truly be accomplished through hard work mixed with laughter.

This year’s tournament helped a troubled golf course recover after Hurricane Harvey and allowed two sons to send a clear message of hope and fun to their father resting high above the clouds.

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Metromarketing Houston Christmas in July

Thank you so much to our friends at Metromarketing for hosting us at the Christmas in July Expo. Members of our Friday Harbour team were welcomed with open arms by the community. We are excited for the opportunities to come with Metromarketing and all of the amazing community leaders.


About Metromarketing:

Metromarketing Services, Inc. is a full-service, award-winning, promotional products provider located in Houston, Texas.   Whether the goal is to increase brand identity among customers or recognize employee achievement, we source cost-effective, on-time solutions for our clients.   Our staff of knowledgeable professionals stays current on all product trends, market shifts, and client Branding developments.



Why Your Donation Matters

“At MD Anderson Cancer Hospital my doctor had ordered an MRI of my brain. He came in with the results and had told me the chemotherapy I was on was no longer shrinking the mass and recommended 15 treatments of radiation. Which means my husband and I would have to be at MD Anderson every day. My first thought was how were we going to be able to make a 6-hour drive from San Antonio every day for 15 treatments? We both have jobs and driving really wears you out. The doctor had mentioned there was an organization that he would contact to see if they were able to help with places to stay. When I was discharged from the hospital I received a phone call from my doctor stating that Friday Harbour granted me multiple nights of hotel stay so that I could complete my radiation. It was such a weight lifted off my chest knowing that now I didn’t have to worry about finding a place to stay or driving almost 6 hours a day for treatments. In such a difficult time there are wonderful people out there to brighten others days!”

~ Meghan Miller