Holiday Inn and Suites Texas Medical Center


In talking to Friday Harbour guests I know that a lot of them are under a lot of pressure and stress both financially and just the fact that they have a loved one here going to the hospital. I think it really makes them feel better to know that a little bit of that burden has been lifted off them.

Holiday Inn and Suites Texas Medical Center

( Tom Mathews, General Manager )

Other Testimonials

Thank you Friday Harbour for providing my family and myself with lodging during my treatment at MD Anderson. We were 6 hrs. from home and your program eased our concerns about one less thing. We appreciate you so very much.

Renee Skinner

Cancer doesn’t take a Christmas break...and neither does the “Healing” efforts from Friday Harbour! My name is Alexsandra Warren and I am from Alabama, and recently I have learned that I have cancer. Mr. Brian Hall saw a post I made from a mutual friend and reached out to me to see if Friday Harbour could do anything to help. As I am in the middle of our stay here in Houston to begin treatment, Friday Harbour has allowed for my stay with my mom here in Houston to be as stress-free as possible. Friday Harbour made it possible for us to have a place to stay while we go back and forth daily at MD Anderson. If it weren’t for Friday Harbour, I know this trip would have been more stressful and financially impossible. Thank you to everyone at Friday Harbour for being so generous and kind.

Alexsandra Warren

Friday Harbour

Once again thank you for all the generosity from Friday Harbour in helping families like ours when they need it most! If it weren't for organizations like yours we wouldn't be able to continue with our fight. So thank you very much for not only helping my husband but other families as well.

Lorraine: Wife of Patient

MD Anderson Cancer Center

I think Friday Harbour will have a very large impact on furthering the mission of MD Anderson.

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

( Maria Cabanillas, MD and Assistant Professor )
MD Anderson

Friday Harbour will leave a huge stamp on MD Anderson in providing free housing to patients."

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

( Amanda Harris- Assistant Director Development )
MD Anderson

Because we can't help everybody, we have to go based on this criteria and there are gaps in that. So what's really beneficial is when an organization like Friday Harbour comes to us and offers to fill those gaps that we can't provide. That's an excellent gift for our patients."

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

( Wendy Evans- Program Manger )