Friday Harbour @ the Shane Smith and the Saints Concert

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Friday Harbour @ the Shane Smith and the Saints Concert

Raising the roof and raising awareness of the burdens of cancer is a never-ending journey, but it helps to have a rockin’ good time with people who are compassionate and have a dash of rhythm.

Recently, the smokey, rockabilly and harmonizing sounds of Austin-based Shane Smith & The Saints raised the roof in front of a sold-out crowd at Goode Company Armadillo Palace near Rice Village in Houston.  The newly upgraded back porch provided a unique environment for the soulful, bone chilling harmonies of The Saints and a great place for the team to spread the message among the captivated Texas music crowd.

“As the President of I can’t help but thrive on the healing power of music,” said Brian Hall.  “I’m overjoyed with the growth of our friendship with Shane Smith & The Saints as I’ve watched them perform from Dublin, Ireland to Denver, Colorado. There’s always been a special connection.”

The mission of Friday Harbour is to ease the burden of the cancer journey by providing free temporary lodging to patients and their families with the goal of providing 1200 free nights in 2018. The Friday Harbour team made hundreds of potential volunteers and donor connections, including an invitation to share our message in The Heights during a family hosted Harbour’s Around Houston event.

“Meeting Brian and his team at the concert was the highlight of my night. As a healthcare professional, I loved hearing about the Houston-based organization and the impact it was having in the cancer community,” said Hallie Ager. “I am inspired by their story and knew I wanted to be involved in some way.”

How can you get involved? Join our journey in healing cancer “One Night At A Time.” Follow Shane Smith & The Saints at their next concert, buy their music and support them on their journey of healing through music. Follow on social media, volunteer online, or simply make a donation of $100 which will provide two nights of lodging for a patient/family on their journey to heal from cancer.  Let’s make beautiful music together!