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With this announcement from the Board, please help us welcome this outstanding leader to Friday Harbour as Board Treasurer on the Executive Committee!

Friday Harbour Board Announcement: Introducing our New Board Treasurer

Friday Harbour is pleased to share the announcement of Brian Hungerford, CPA CMGA, as our new Board Treasurer on the Executive Committee. This is a significant step forward to our achieving our mission, Healing Cancer One Night At A Time.

Presently, Brian is the Founder and CEO of Houston-based H4D Consulting, established in 2021. He has industry experience across the Oil & Gas, Medical, and Real Estate spectrum. Brian brings over two decades of corporate finance, accounting, consulting, and leadership experience to Friday Harbour.

Stepping into this role, he succeeds the remarkable Mrs. Debbie Neville, who has been an integral part of our journey. Debbie remains to continue her focus on corporate matching donations while simultaneously aiding Brian in his transition. We look forward to his boundless dedication and fresh perspective in helping us achieve our aggressive goals. In fact, first is helping to raise $70,000 this October at our golf classic, Tee it Up To Heal Cancer.

Brian has a no-nonsense, resourceful spirit with a foundation rooted in compassion. Consequently, a commitment to help disrupt this space aimed at relieving the burden of the cancer journey. His support for our cause is not only reflected in his professional accomplishments but also his personal passions. For example, traveling with family, enjoying a great meal, and exploring wine help fuel his commitment to others. We welcome Brian as our newest do’er, donor, and door opener to assist in growing our Houston-based, Nation-driven nonprofit.

His presence adds an invaluable dimension to our team as we forge ahead on our ambitious missions. One of which is to expand our presence to five cities by the end of 2024. His leadership will help us as we provide solace, support, and sanctuary to those seeking care at cancer centers within the Texas Medical Center and beyond.

With this announcement from the Board and myself, please help us welcome this outstanding leader to Friday Harbour as Board Treasurer on the Executive Committee!

Brian Hall

President, Founder & Networking Sorcerer

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Healing Cancer Healing Hunger

From April 30th – June 15th, Friday Harbour is teaming with Kids Meals to give our donors a way to continue supporting cancer patients and helping another local nonprofit organization in critical need due to the COVID 19 situation.  We have chosen Kids Meals to receive 50% of your donations to Friday Harbour.  This is Friday Harbour way of responding directly to COVID 19 and giving our donors a way to support two great organizations.  

Your donation will have a domino effect by allowing Kids’ Meals to support other nonprofits in our city.   Please remember to submit your donation to your corporate matching programs so you can double your blessings. 

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Friday Harbour @ the Shane Smith and the Saints Concert

Raising the roof and raising awareness of the burdens of cancer is a never-ending journey, but it helps to have a rockin’ good time with people who are compassionate and have a dash of rhythm.

Recently, the smokey, rockabilly and harmonizing sounds of Austin-based Shane Smith & The Saints raised the roof in front of a sold-out crowd at Goode Company Armadillo Palace near Rice Village in Houston.  The newly upgraded back porch provided a unique environment for the soulful, bone chilling harmonies of The Saints and a great place for the team to spread the message among the captivated Texas music crowd.

“As the President of I can’t help but thrive on the healing power of music,” said Brian Hall.  “I’m overjoyed with the growth of our friendship with Shane Smith & The Saints as I’ve watched them perform from Dublin, Ireland to Denver, Colorado. There’s always been a special connection.”

The mission of Friday Harbour is to ease the burden of the cancer journey by providing free temporary lodging to patients and their families with the goal of providing 1200 free nights in 2018. The Friday Harbour team made hundreds of potential volunteers and donor connections, including an invitation to share our message in The Heights during a family hosted Harbour’s Around Houston event.

“Meeting Brian and his team at the concert was the highlight of my night. As a healthcare professional, I loved hearing about the Houston-based organization and the impact it was having in the cancer community,” said Hallie Ager. “I am inspired by their story and knew I wanted to be involved in some way.”

How can you get involved? Join our journey in healing cancer “One Night At A Time.” Follow Shane Smith & The Saints at their next concert, buy their music and support them on their journey of healing through music. Follow on social media, volunteer online, or simply make a donation of $100 which will provide two nights of lodging for a patient/family on their journey to heal from cancer.  Let’s make beautiful music together!

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Rice MBA Capstone Program Final Presentation

A recent Rice University Capstone study shines the light on the magnitude of cancer patients, roughly 10,000 a month who seek treatment at MD Anderson’s Cancer clinics, and the urgent need for short term lodging for patients, families and caregivers which has been Friday Harbour’s mission for nine years. The Jones Graduate School of Business Capstone course provided an opportunity for students to use their skills to help Houston community organizations address “real world” critical strategic issues.  For Friday Harbour, the 501c3 is focused on providing more free hotel rooms to help ease the burden of the cancer journey. Since its inception, it has provided more than 2,000 rooms and last year booked 400 hotel rooms. The target is 1,200 rooms for 2018 and within the first four months they have provided 220 rooms.

“We are honored to be chosen for the Rice Capstone project which infused Friday Harbour with a wise and practical road map for significant growth,” said Brian Hall, Founder and President of Friday Harbour. “As we mix that with the passion and drive of our volunteers and board members it will result in healing thousands on their cancer journey.”

The Capstone study also provided tactical improvements for three opportunities for volunteers and donors to get involved. From Doers– those who volunteer with the charity, to Door Openers – those who host Beacons Around Houston receptions and Donors– those who make a commitment through the monthly Beacon Donors program.  

“It was a pleasure to be the Rice Capstone team assigned to work with Friday Harbour and to win “The Owl” award for our research,” said MBA student Stephanie Antosh. “We spent the semester really understanding the details of not only the organization itself, but also researching the non-profit market and the patients who are in need of assistance during their cancer journey. We strongly believe Friday Harbour’s mission of providing short-term lodging has a place here in Houston which is one of the largest cancer centers in the world.”

During a recent board meeting, the team discussed the research which showed that in order for Friday Harbour to expand upon its mission, a strategic direction along with an accompanying multi-year implementation plan will need to be executed during 2018. For cancer referrals, a stronger relationship with social service agencies and caregivers will also be developed.

“Friday Harbour emerged from Capstone Spring 2018 with fresh strategic insights, powerful new relationships and a refreshed commitment to ‘Healing Cancer One Night at a Time’,” said Juan Carlos Giron, Jr.  “As a board member, I owe Rice University a sincere debt of gratitude for the opportunity to participate in such an amazing program, connect with so many unique and insightful individuals and experience the many special and challenging moments that confirmed the importance of the work that lies ahead.”


Congratulation to one of our Rice Capstone Teams winning the Owl Award best overall project as measured by

the cumulation of scores from all 5 previous deliverables and Final Presentation.

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Harbour’s Around Houston receptions helps heal cancer

It seems fitting that I use the weekend of HurricaneHarvey to post about the need for safe harbour for cancer patients and families seeking housing during their journey.

This very weekend, friends, family, coworkers and visitors to the Houston area will do all they can to survive floods, tornados, home damage and each other. Prayers are at an all time high.

When the rains stop, the bayous subside, home cleanups end and the world tries to find some sense of normalcy, there will still be a need to Heal Cancer.

Welcome to Harbours Around Houston receptions…a new way to help spread the word about our work in “Healing Cancer One Night At A Time”.

The team is recruiting hosts from our list of donors, volunteers, business owners and friends to host 1 of 10 planned “Harbour’s Around Houston” events of your choosing.

Example events could be:
– drinks at your club or clubhouse
– Painting party
– Card or poker game
– Cycling ride
– Brunch at your favorite restaurant
– Breakfast or coffee meet up

That’s right, as the host, you will choose the what, when and how. It can be an event at your pool. A wine tasting social. A reception at your office. Heck, you can even host a movie night on your lawn. We just want you to invite a dozen or more of your friends, coworkers, church members, family or employees.

The team will simply come join you, take 15 mins to share our mission, impact and needs with those assembled and offer a special thank you to you for supporting our message of Healing Cancer One Night At A Time.


Keep an an eye out to and social media as we celebrate successful #

HAHs happening across the Houston area.


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Healing Cancer One Night At A Time!

Healing happens when you can retreat to a quiet, safe and comfortable place. One such place is a clean and inviting hotel room far enough from the care center, but close enough to feel connected. Ahhh…time to rest and retool for tomorrow.

Healing happens when a patient can rest knowing that their loved one is coiled up on the rubber/plastic mattress or the highly uncomfortable chair crammed in the corner of the “much too small” hospital room.

Healing happens when you know you have a friendly staff and welcoming bedroom waiting for you after enduring a long ass day of treatment and consultations, allowing you to put off the long drive home. A drive you’ve done many times…but in order to weigh the “next options”, you really don’t need to deal with the other drivers between you and home.

Healing sustains when a family facing their cancer journey, avoids the emotional and financial bankruptcy that cancer throws upon them without a moments notice.

Friends and family, has partnered with Holiday Inn/NRG to ramp up the healing together.

Please spread the word and raise awareness of the burdens of the cancer journey including the high costs of lodging not covered by insurance or family budgets.

Become a “Friday Beacon” Donor by committing to $100 per month for 12 months…helping us to provide close to 2 nights of lodging per month for families.

Brian Hall – President/Founder

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I can’t lie. I love fire trucks too! Healing Cancer

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Our little Mav!

Our little Mav!


Imagine, a 4 year old little boy who’s eyes light up at the sight of a fire truck.

A handsome little fella with green floating on each arm and across his chest, as he fearlessly takes to the swimming pool on a warm spring day.

A little guy who has a mothers love so deep she’d do anything to protect him and save his life. This particular little man laughs a lot. He smiles wide. And he happens to be fighting for his life.

Sans the hair missing from the top of his head, you wouldn’t guess that little Maverick is on his journey fighting Leukemia at UT MD Anderson.

That’s why Friday Beacon Donors make such a huge difference in our mission of Healing Cancer One Night At A Time.

We were connected to Maverick and his mother through our friends at the Houston Fire Department. As the Lubbock family awaited space at the Ronald McDonald House, Friday Harbour rushed in to help by providing much needed nights of stay at a local Marriott Hotel.

Let’s all join in and cheer the Mavericks of to,or row on as they laugh, smile and fight for their lives!

For more information on the Friday Beacon donor program…and to follow Mavericks journey…go to

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How to count your blessings in a political year!

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Friday HarbourApril 16, 2016

Blessings come in many forms.
Many of us just finished performing one of the most stressful national responsibilities of the year…paying taxes to the government.

Many others find themselves inundated with tv, radio and internet messaging focused on the few that are literally fighting their way to that house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It’s a wonder why our emotions flare up when the political discussions start at the dinner table, on the plane, at church, at the office and even at your favorite sporting event. You just can’t seem to escape the conversations. And the fact that we have another 6 months of this stuff, can all but render some of us helpless.

But Helpless WE ARE NOT! We are actually quite blessed.

we live in the best country on this planet. And our everyday friends and family are the true blessings.

These blessings are all around us! Everyday! Everywhere!

Yesterday I took a call from an awesome daughter-in-law about her upcoming trip to Houston from Mississippi.

We will call her “Joy”.

She had a joy in her voice. Confidence in her words. And hope in her message. She is tirelessly accompanying her Mother-in-law to Houston for a slew of cancer screenings and treatments. They plan to be in the Texas Medical Center for weeks. And this is not the first trip. Wow!

As we discussed her journey so far, it was very apparent that Joy had such a caring soul. And better yet, she is determined to use her many blessings to continue to help out. I was inspired and lucky to be able to spend a few minutes on the phone with a person who’s only mission is to bless others. I quickly let Joy know that Friday Harbour will do what we can to help keep the wind in her sails.

JOY is not alone. JOY is unwavering. JOY is contagious. JOY will always win out.
On this beautiful Saturday afternoon in downtown Manhattan. I had a conversation with a true blessing.

When we cut through the noise on tv, radio, Internet and especially in the ill fated political discussions…we humans can share in the simple blessing of just being there for one another!

Will you join JOY and me in using your blessings in Healing Cancer One Night At A Time?


Founder, CEO and Networking Sorcerer


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Hotel Room

Great News! Cancer prevention could put FRIDAYHARBOUR.ORG out of business!

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Cancer incidence to double in young patients by 2030?

According to a February 2015 article in HemOnc today magazine, the Colorectal cancer incidence in young patients is expected to double by 2030.

Reserearcher, George J. Chang, MD, MS (UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center), describes this as an important moment in cancer prevention. The article reports that while the overall incidence of coloretal cancer has declined in the US, the rate of diagnoses among young adults has increased significantly. This is a result of a “SEER” analysis.

This message comes with warnings of the potential for overreaction. Kiran K. Turaga, MD MPH suggests that despite the increased incidence in younger adults, health care professionals should be cautious about dramatically increasing colorectal cancer screening in this population. Particularly for the fear that increased screening ;might add significant cost and risks withouth societal benefit.

All in all, these arguments could stimulate opportunities for development of better risk-predition tools that might help identify early risk candidates.

At Friday Harbour, as we deliver on our mission to ease the burden of the cancer journey, we continue to educate ourselves on the research, recommendations and remarks made by those closest to the treatments and cures in the medical professions. Those getting treatment today, could uncover preventions for tomorrow.

Young or old, future preventions and patients are in good hands.


President, Founder & Networking Sorcerer
Instagram: FridayHarbourOrg
Twitter: @FridayHarbour
Healing Cancer One Night At A Time

Why Your Donation Matters

“At MD Anderson Cancer Hospital my doctor had ordered an MRI of my brain. He came in with the results and had told me the chemotherapy I was on was no longer shrinking the mass and recommended 15 treatments of radiation. Which means my husband and I would have to be at MD Anderson every day. My first thought was how were we going to be able to make a 6-hour drive from San Antonio every day for 15 treatments? We both have jobs and driving really wears you out. The doctor had mentioned there was an organization that he would contact to see if they were able to help with places to stay. When I was discharged from the hospital I received a phone call from my doctor stating that Friday Harbour granted me multiple nights of hotel stay so that I could complete my radiation. It was such a weight lifted off my chest knowing that now I didn’t have to worry about finding a place to stay or driving almost 6 hours a day for treatments. In such a difficult time there are wonderful people out there to brighten others days!”

~ Meghan Miller