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Friday Harbour takes referrals directly from hospital social workers and provide up to three nights of local hotel nights based on availability.

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Harbour’s Around Houston receptions helps heal cancer

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It seems fitting that I use the weekend of HurricaneHarvey to post about the need for safe harbour for cancer patients and families seeking housing during their journey. This very weekend, friends, family, coworkers and visitors to the Houston area will do all they can to survive floods, tornados, home damage and each other. Prayers

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Healing Cancer One Night At A Time!

Healing happens when you can retreat to a quiet, safe and comfortable place. One such place is a clean and inviting hotel room far enough from the care center, but close enough to feel connected. Ahhh…time to rest and retool for tomorrow. Healing happens when a patient can rest knowing that their loved one is

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I can’t lie. I love fire trucks too! Healing Cancer

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Imagine, a 4 year old little boy who’s eyes light up at the sight of a fire truck. A handsome little fella with green floating on each arm and across his chest, as he fearlessly takes to the swimming pool on a warm spring day. A little guy who has a mothers love so deep

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I think Friday Harbour will have a very large impact on furthering the mission of MD Anderson.

MD Anderson Cancer Center

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

( Maria Cabanillas, MD and Assistant Professor )

In talking to Friday Harbour guests I know that a lot of them are under a lot of pressure and stress both financially and just the fact that they have a loved one here going to the hospital. I think it really makes them feel better to know that a little bit of that burden has been lifted off them.


Holiday Inn and Suites Texas Medical Center

( Tom Mathews, General Manager )

Friday Harbour will leave a huge stamp on MD Anderson in providing free housing to patients."

MD Anderson

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

( Amanda Harris- Assistant Director Development )

Because we can't help everybody, we have to go based on this criteria and there are gaps in that. So what's really beneficial is when an organization like Friday Harbour comes to us and offers to fill those gaps that we can't provide. That's an excellent gift for our patients."

MD Anderson

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

( Wendy Evans- Program Manger )

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